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Football Betting

Football betting on the DFB Cup is a particular challenge for betting. At the same time, such bets offer the opportunity for particularly high odds. The German Cup system provides that in the first two rounds no amateur clubs compete against each other. They are therefore always dealing with clubs from the 1st or 2nd Bundesliga. Of course any regional or Oberligist wants one of the top teams like Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund as opponents. It is not so much about sporting success, but rather about a one-time cup game. The bookmakers are naturally offered very high bets on the victory of the underdogs . However, That clubs from the Bundesliga underestimate the amateur clubs and leave already in the first rounds.

Even if the Bundesliga with their highly paid professionals at a subclass club as a clear favorite go to the start, there is always in the DFB Pokal surprises. In this Cup round, FC Schalke 04 among the amateurs of Dynamo Dresden failed. Hertha BSC had another Bundesliga club with Arminia Bielefeld early sails. The betting rate for such a surprise is correspondingly high. Who had these games correctly on the ticket, proved an excellent smell and was allowed to look forward to a very considerable profit.

The Internet offers the advantage that every competitor can quickly and easily inform themselves about the framework conditions of the participating amateur clubs. In doing so, it is not unusual to find subclass clubs of the regional league or league, with professional structures. In the case of ambitious clubs that are striving towards the top, the chance is of course much greater that they can also put a leg on a professional club. The amateurs benefit from the fact that they generally have home rights against professors. In front of a domestic backdrop, the players often grow beyond themselves and can compensate for even great differences in performance.

Although the Cup is known to have its own laws, however, in most cases the favorite is always. Unfortunately the odds for a favorite win at the DFB Cup are relatively low. That's why it makes sense to group three or four favorite tips into a bunch . Instead of a "Monster-Kombiwette" with 10 or more tips, a slightly higher amount should be used. Even if the odds increase with every bet, the chance in many games is very great, that one of the favorites stumbles. Discipline is therefore a very important factor in the selection of the DFB Pokal football betting.

To put on the big sensations at the DFB trophy proves only in very few cases as the right strategy. Therefore the DFB trophy betting becomes even more interesting as the competition progresses. The amateur clubs are graduating from time to time and only rarely does one make the decisive rounds. In most cases the Bundesligaklubs play the winner among themselves.

Live betting offers a very special appeal at DFB Pokal Wetten. While clubs in Bundesliga matches are also satisfied with a draw, a winner is always found in cups. Replays were abolished in Germany long ago. So it happens again and again that teams at the end of the game put everything on a card to reach the next round. Even in a tie, then continue to be played for victory. Almost all bookmakers offer the possibility to place live betting on the games of the DFB Pokal. If, for example, Bayern Munich are back in the 75th minute with an outsider, the bet can bring a very considerable profit to a victory of the Munich.

Derbys not only ensure a special tension in the league, but also in the DFB Cup. If Schalke 04 on Borussia Dortmund or the FC Bayern on Augsburg rules in the stadium an extra heated mood. In such games, the actors are particularly motivated and sometimes over-motivated. As a result of these games, yellow and red cards are often distributed. So it can be worthwhile to put DFB Pokal bets on this. For example, bets can be bet on whether more or less than 3.5 cards are drawn in the game. Whether these are yellow or red cards is irrelevant for these bets.

In the current season 2014/2015, the DFB Cup promises a lot of tension. With the exception of Schalke 04, all the top clubs still compete. At the latest from the quarter-finals, it could come to real top games. Among the big favorites are, besides the record champion Bayern Munich also permanent contender Borussia Dortmund as well as the VFL Wolfsburg. You should also have Werder Bremen and Borussia Mönchengladbach on the note. As there is no re-spins in the DFB Cup, decisions are always made on how to keep going. This makes long-term betting on the overall winner a tricky thing. In addition, the lot decides whether a team must be home or have to go abroad. So the continuation is always associated with a certain los luck.