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Top Sportsbooks

We have aligned our test method to the different preferences of the numerous contestants and offer a systematic help in the search for the best online sports betting provider. With us, the individual sports betting pages are not simply evaluated and placed in a ranking list, but the entire test process is divided into numerous individual steps and is therefore absolutely transparent. Our test team consists of experts in the field of online betting, each editor has many years of experience in sports betting business.Some of our employees have already worked in a variety of areas and positions with various providers of sports betting and thus have a lot of insider knowledge from the betting industry.

Due to the quality, transparency and related objectivity of our detailed reviews, we are in the German-speaking media landscape as a kind of reference on the subject of sports betting. Often, we are contacted by various media, questioned, quoted, commented and, if necessary, also linked as a source for interesting news and contributions from the betting area, a small selection of our references can be found in the graphic on the left. Even the companies themselves have our sites always on the radar to be able to assess their own performance in the individual test categories compared to the competition and, if necessary, to make improvements and optimizations on their betting portals.

Not all sports betting providers are tested by us, before our specialist editorial starts with the actual testing of the online bets, the corresponding candidate is first checked for generally important data and facts. In doing so, we look more closely at the history of the company and the traders, as well as the financial background and existing licenses of the companies. As soon as a competitor meets our strict criteria of security, trust and seriousness, we start with the standardized test procedure.Now the test candidate is thoroughly tested in the 10 predefined areas, which are predefined by us, which make a good sports betting provider.

At the end of the test activities of our specialist research, the evaluations from the individual area results are added together and the overall evaluation for the respective provider of bets on the Internet is compiled. The top runners are therefore the best sports betting providers, and they have the most strengths in the individual test categories, and the least weaknesses that would push the overall score down.

Finally, it may well be the case that individual strengths or even weaknesses of the test candidates are not as relevant for the individual friend as the objective test is supposed to convey. In order to find the best betting portals for your own betting needs and individual preferences, we recommend you take a closer look at the individual rankings and ratings in the big sports betting comparison!

Our testreduction is constantly working on updating and expanding the contents of sporwettentest.net - in the dynamic betting industry an experience report can not be up-to-date after a short time, the technical progress in the betting business is sometimes very fast. In principle, you can therefore assume that all pages on our test portal correspond to the current state of affairs. Therefore, the rankings in the individual ranking lists are constantly changing, which can also have a large impact on the overall ranking. Also a new test candidate can swirl the comparison of the best bettimes neatly and the placements move. Since we only allow good, trustworthy and serious betting services for the test procedure , the top places are not guaranteed in the long term either.

In the pool bets, all participants pay their bets in a common pot (pool), the collected bets are then divided among all winners. The most common examples of this type of sports betting are totalizer betting on the horse racing track or the good old football tokens. Betting with the bookmaker is characterized primarily by the fact that bets are bet- tered in advance, and therefore - in contrast to the Toto bets - you already have a clear view of the amount of the possible payout on the bet.